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Who Inspired the Constitution?

The Constitution of the United States
Is it a Man-Inspired Document?

By John Spencer

No human law is of any validity, if contrary to the law of God.

(I Blackstone Comm. 40)


One of the great tactics of war is to use propaganda and fear to "re-educate" and alter the thinking of your enemies. Goliath used this tactic against the Israelites in the Old Testament. He caused so much fear in the camp of Israel by his words alone, that no one would go out to battle against him.

"We The People"There is a large population in the United States who remember the words of Nikita Khrushchev, "We will take over the United States without firing a shot. Your children will live under communism!" It is an old and time-tested tactic. Many of us remember the "cold war" which allegedly ended "with the breakup" of the Soviet Union. But Khrushchev was right, the children of those living when he made his statement now live under "communism" in the United States. The takeover of the nation, however, began long ago.

One must respect an enemy who has the cunning to convince a nation that a new kind of law was being given to the American people; a law never before used in the history of the world. The basis of this new law was "WE THE PEOPLE." It was not easy to convince the people in the 13 colonies that the Constitution of the United States was what was needed to make the nation successful. Many fought against it to the very end. Imagine an enemy so cunning that it has been able to convince the American people they are free, while at the same time enslaving them.

The historians tell us the Constitution is a "God-inspired document." The historians tell us that America was founded to be the "melting pot" of the world. Modern language would define the United States as the most cosmopolitan country in the world. It's true, we have more races of people living in this nation than perhaps any nation in the world. We have allowed, through the Constitution, every culture and religion on the face of the earth to come to America and flourish.

Could it be that "the law of the land" is not what we have been told for all these years? Were the founding fathers truly operating on Biblical principles or were they led by "the love of money?" Is it possible that we have been sold a "bill of goods" by our enemies and been taken over by a cunning plan called the Constitution of the United States? Thinking we have been free for over 200 years, has the Constitution now made us slaves? You decide.

Banking History in Early America

It is important to know the people behind any plan. During the last 20 years the media has attempted to slander the good names of many of the founding fathers. Their accounts of these men are mere speculation and it would be good to remember the words of Napoleon, "History is nothing more than agreed upon lies."

The word of God says, "The love of money, is the root of all evil" (1 Timothy 6:10) and "the borrower is slave to the lender" (Proverbs 22:7). The nation was founded upon the love of money and debt. In 1716, the Mississippi River region of America was owned by France. John Law of Scotland established the General Bank in France. He issued, through this bank, freshly printed paper called "banknotes." Yes, just like the Federal Reserve notes. The government of France made these banknotes legal tender and the bank flourished by lending these notes at interest.

In August 1717, the General Bank absorbed the Louisiana Company. This new company was given trading rights over the tremendous land area drained by the Mississippi, Ohio and Missouri Rivers. In 1718, the General Bank changed its name to "Royal Bank" to give it a better image. The king of France guaranteed the bank notes issued by the Royal Bank. It was a true conglomerate. Another conglomerate was formed about this time called the Western Company. This company was a rival to the Royal Bank and Louisiana Company. This new company absorbed the East India, Oriental and China Companies. The king of France gave this newly formed company the rights to "collect taxes" and a monopoly of the mint and coin issued under the condition they take over the national debt of France. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

The next thing to happen almost surpasses belief. The two companies merged! The price of the stock of the new company went out of sight. The merchants and farmers of France mortgaged their homes, farms and businesses to buy stock. When John Law announced his plan to take the gold backing off the banknotes, long lines formed to exchange the banknotes for a meager supply of gold. When the gold ran out, the windows were closed and the homes, farms and businesses of the French people went to the usury bankers. The bankers now had a toehold in America!

England assisted the 13 colonies of America when they went to war with the French and Indians. ENGLAND LENT THE COLONIES MONEY AT INTEREST TO FIGHT THIS WAR. In 1764 the Stamp Act was passed on the colonies to recoup some of this usury-loaned money. The colonies revolted, they had no money to make repayment. In 1770 Virginia passed anti-slavery laws. The King of England gave instructions to His governor in Virginia that no such laws would be allowed. The King desperately needed his share of the slave trade profits to pay his own usury debts.

By 1775, the balance of trade between the colonies of America and England was dramatic. The colonies owed English merchants 4,800,000 pounds. The imposition of usury into this trade imbalance, made war with England inevitable. Unpayable debt was the cause. The colonies were enslaved. Virginia was in poverty. Why? "The borrower is slave to the lender."

The colonies were in a self-inflicted and long-planned bankers' trap. In 1776, the Declaration of Independence was written to seek independence from England. The colonies were heavily in debt and did not have the means to fight a war. What did they do? They borrowed money of course! From bankrupt France.

The resulting "war" with England was "won" by the colonies, but while they won the war, the battle was lost, because "the borrower is slave to the lender."

Founding Fathers

Who were the men who led in this "victory" over England and forged a new nation by writing the Constitution of the United States? A majority of them were ugh . . . lawyers. Forty of them held government bonds. Fourteen were land speculators. Twenty-four of them made their living lending money at interest. Eleven were involved in mercantile, manufacturing or shipping. Fifteen owned slaves.

Several of the founding fathers were in the back pocket of the usury bankers. In 1781, the private Bank of Pennsylvania was formed. It later became the Bank of North America. Among those who were able to get in on the original subscription of this bank were 1) Benjamin Franklin, 2) Thomas Jefferson, 3) Alexander Hamilton, 4) James Monroe, 5) John Jay, 6) John Paul Jones; and 7) Commodore John Barry. In 1784, the Bank of New York was founded. This bank was a creation of Alexander Hamilton of New York whose backers were reputed to be the Rothchilds and the Bank of England.

In 1787, the Constitution was fittingly put together in Philadelphia, the home of the Bank of North America. Hamilton and his backers wrote the original document for the Constitution, to the dismay of most of the attendees of the meeting. Many were horrified that an entirely new kind of government was being formulated, when in fact they had been sent only to revise the Articles of Confederation. Patrick Henry, himself a lawyer, went home to fight against the Constitution.

Like so many of the present day pieces of legislation, out of 62 delegates, only 39 signed the final document. Through the efforts of Hamilton, who wrote the majority of the Federalist Papers, the people were finally convinced that the Constitution would, if the people were "vigilant," safeguard their liberties. It was a great con job foisted upon a nation of people. The banks were in, the people and their properties were out!

In 1789, Washington was elected President. He gave Hamilton the appointment as Secretary of the Treasury. The fox was now guarding the hen house. Two years later, Hamilton created the First Bank of the United States. It was a private bank to which all of the new government's money was entrusted. The successor to this bank was the Second Bank of the United States. When it went bankrupt 50 years later, it was found that 64 percent of the bank's 25,000 shares were owned by foreigners. Many were British.

In 1794, taxes forced Pennsylvania farmers to revolt. Washington did what all rulers do when a country is in debt to the bankers. He sent thousands of Federal troops to crush the rebellion. He did to his own people what he had led his people to revolt against in the war with England. But then the bankers must be paid.

What does the Constitution Really Say?

I remember watching a "MASH" television show years ago. An injured soldier was desperate to talk to someone about not being sent back into the war. One of the doctors said, "Would you like to speak to our priest?" The soldier replied, "No, I'm an atheist." The doctor responded, "I don't believe that." "It's true," said the soldier, "I swear to God!" One of the soldier's statements was not true and what we have been taught about the Constitution folks, is not true.

Many people still harp that the Constitution is a God-inspired document. Yet GOD IS NEVER MENTIONED IN THE CONSTITUTION. The people were so fearful of it that the 10 Amendments became mandatory, before their fears were quelled. But the die had already been cast. The flexible, easily changed Constitution was in place.

Few people ever examine words for what they actually say. Most prefer to take the word of those they trust, rather than look for themselves. It is a fatal mistake. The godless Constitution has become a fearful taskmaster, as Washington once described government.

Have you ever wondered why the ability to alter the Constitution was so important? Article V allows both the Congress, whenever two-thirds of both houses deem it necessary, or, on the Application of two-thirds of the several states, to propose Amendments to the Constitution. The legal "experts" tell us it is important, because of social and economic changes that might take place. We can certainly understand how this may benefit power brokers, but how could it possibly benefit the people of this nation? It doesn't!

The bankers were well taken care of with the Constitution. Article VI makes all previous debts as valid under the Constitution, as under the Confederation. This was for the bankers, not us. They even had a special International Debt Jurisdiction put into the original Constitution. It is found in Article III, Section 2 and is called admiralty and maritime. This special international legal jurisdiction was for the bankers, not us. The bankers, mostly anti-Christ, in Article VI, also made sure that none of their boys and girls in either house could be given any kind of religious test that might keep them out of office. Article I, Section 10, takes away the states' ability to argue with the bankers and their contracts. This clause guaranteeing the obligation of Contracts was not put there for us, it was placed there for the bankers. There is a false notion being taught today that the Constitution of the United States has been suspended. Consider this: The Constitution was put into place for international bankers. It allows the President, when two-thirds of the Senate concurs, to make international treaties. The Senators were originally chosen by the individual state legislators and sent to Washington, D.C. to represent states' rights [Article I, Section 3]. International treaties affect states' rights and the people who live there. NAFTA IS A GOOD EXAMPLE! But in 1913, the Constitution was amended to allow "WE THE PEOPLE" to elect the Senators! The 17th Amendment cleared the way for the removal of states' rights and removed the only obstacle to easy ratification of treaties.

Since treaties become part of the Constitution and the law of the land, do you think the enemies of freedom may have used this UNLIMITED AMENDMENT PROCESS to alter the course of the nation? Of course they did! Have you ever read the hundreds of treaties the Presidents and Senate have made with other nations?

Did you know that the United Nations is a Treaty Agreement and as a signatory nation, the United States is bound by its dictates and that it is part of the Constitution? Yes, when any elected official takes his/her oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, that oath includes treaties! Let me quote ARTICLE VI, paragraph 2:


There you are folks, TREATIES ARE THE LAW OF THE LAND AND EVERY JUDGE IS BOUND BY THEM! Someone has said, "Any law repugnant to the Constitution is invalid." Treaties are not repugnant to the Constitution. They may be repugnant to individual rights, but not the Constitution. Try going to their courts, and attempting to claim your rights in front of their judges! What a joke.

Are treaties under Common Law, Equity, or Admiralty and Maritime? You guessed right if you said Admiralty and Maritime. It is the same legal jurisdiction that the founding fathers discovered in their day. Remember the Declaration of Independence? "He [the King] has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation." Then the founding fathers placed this same foreign jurisdiction into the Constitution. Who for? The bankers.

Constitution has not been Suspended

It is almost fruitless to discuss how the Constitution itself is the very source of tyranny that has beset the nation. It is an "any god" document and has been used by every religion in this nation and been successful. The Constitution is like water poured into a cavern. It levels itself with current religious thought, including atheism, homosexuality and the murder of the unborn.

The final authority in this document is "WE THE PEOPLE" and they worship every god under the sun of our Creator. This is SOP [Standard Operating Procedure] for "WE THE PEOPLE." When we "walk after our own thoughts," (Isaiah 65:2) God brings His wrath against us.

We truly deserve what God has brought against us for our sin against Him. The "law of the land" eliminated God and His laws, statutes and judgments from the original colonies. Yes, the laws of the thirteen colonies came straight out of the Word of God. Verses were quoted in their entirety as the laws. It was obedience to these laws which brought about the great success of the colonies as a blessing from God. Patrick Henry was right, "What was the emergency that required such a radical change?" The colonies had just defeated the mightiest arm on the face of the earth! Why did they need to change their laws?

Some 80 years later, under the Constitution and as a curse from God, the grandchildren of the founding fathers killed each other by the hundreds of thousands in the ungodly Civil War. Many Americans still brag about World War I, II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the invasion of Panama and the Gulf War, never knowing that had the founding fathers retained the law of God as "the law of the land," most, if not all of these wars, would not have occurred.

We now live in a nation that has more murders, rapes, etc., than any nation on earth. What kind of prosperity would prevail in the nation today if God's law had been honored and obeyed for the last 200 years?

Only God knows, but He is a forgiving God. He asks, through His Son Jesus Christ, that we repent [change our mind] and return to Him and His laws. The Constitution will not save us, only our Holy God and our obedience to His law can bring this about. He is our King, He is our only lawgiver, only He will save us (Isaiah 33:22).