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Minnesota Action Against
Mutual Assurance

Surprise! Surprise! It is the morning of October 10, 2012. Jennifer Bjorhus, reporter for the Star Tribune in Minneapolis Minnesota, calls and announces that we are party to an action in Minnesota. Unfortunately we have not seen the Order. During the interview, I have a difficult time restraining from laughing. I cannot believe that any state would have an interest in the Kingdom of Heaven. Her article appears in the Star Tribune.

After the interview we found the package. It was almost returned because of the cryptic names in the address. However, we opened the package to inspect the poisoned apple.

The package from Minnesota contained an Attorney General cover letter and a Cease and Desist Order. Minnesota took the position that Mutual Assurance was doing business in Minnesota since a Minnesotan was using a policy based upon Mutual Assurance. Our policies are exclusively for Kingdom of Heaven citizens. However, we were unable to remain separate from Minnesota since we did not have an expatriation letter from the Minnesotan.

We decided not to bring ourselves any further under Minnesota Lordship. We wrote an informal letter to the Attorney General to clarify that our policies are exclusively for citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. We also wrote a letter to the Minnesotan explaining that she does not qualify for a Mutual Assurance policy without being expatriated from Minnesota and declaring to be a citizen of The Kingdom of Heaven.

Since we were curious if Minnesota was making a lot of noise, we searched the web and found their article on the Commerce website. Of course, we are the villians and they conveniently reinforced their Lordship over Minnesotans. 

 In the past, Embassy of Heaven has been successful in separating from the world and remaining separate. In this case, we failed to remain separate because we were relaxed in requiring all policy holders to declare allegiance to the Kingdom of Heaven and to expatriate from the world. That has been corrected within Mutual Assurance. A policy cannot be obtained without proper declaration of citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Why all this fuss about citizenship? No man can serve two masters. The Kingdom of Heaven with Jesus Christ as King is a Master. Minnesota is also a master. In this case, Minnesota has decided to require insurance and has placed the Insurance Commissioner in charge. The Kingdom of Heaven does not require insurance. To whom does one obey? It depends upon your allegiance. Jesus said, render to Caesar that which is Caesar's and to God that which is God's. Since you cannot serve both, then choose this day to whom is your master.

Unfortunately there is some confusion about the Church (Kingdom of Heaven) in relationship to the state. The Church is divided. Most of the church is a creation of the state and must obey the state (I Samuel 8:1-22). That part of the church is known as the harlot. However, there are a few believers who are of the real Church which is a creation of the Kingdom of Heaven (Luke 22:29).

Returning back to the Minnesota action, the Attorney General forwarded our letter to Jill Bean in the Insurance Commissioner's office. She called me and asked if we wanted a hearing. We decided that a hearing would be a waist of time and that our improved separation from Minnesota would be sufficient to cause the Cease and Desist Order to be moot. Jill followed up the phone call with a letter declaring that the allegations would stand as TRUE and the Cease and Desist Order would stand.

I find it very interesting that allegations can be converted to TRUE if you do not accept a hearing. I always thought that TRUE was TRUE and FALSE was FALSE!

So, where does Mutual Assurance stand in relationship to Minnesota? Time will tell. Tomorrow is another day!

Paul Revere, born again of the Kingdom of Heaven