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Minnesota Department of Commerce Action


Mutual Assurance Response 10-16-2012

The following letter was sent by First Class Mail on October 16, 2012. It will probably take about seven days to arrive in Minnesota. The Cease and Desist Order demands we quit doing business in Minnesota unless we have prior approval of the Commissioner. To request a hearing would not be meaningful since we are not doing business in Minnesota. We are surprised that this action was started and has gone this far.

Mutual Assurance PO Box 337 Stayton, OR 97383

October 22 Year of our Lord, 2012

Christopher M. Kaisershot
Assistant Attorney General
Office of Attorney General
State of Minnesota Suite 1800
445 Minnesota St.
St. Paul, MN 55101-2134

Re: Commerce File No. 24220/JB Cease and Desist Order

Dear Friends,

May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

Thank you for giving us this informal opportunity to clarify our calling.

Mutual Assurance does not conduct business in the state of Minnesota. Mutual Assurance was created by and for the Kingdom of Heaven in 2002.

On May 28, 2012, a Minnesotan, full of heavenly faith, believed that she could join Mutual Assurance of the Kingdom of Heaven. However, her yoke with the state of Minnesota precluded her from participating. No one can obey two governments. She is a rare case who fell through the cracks and has been reprimanded by the Minnesota courts.

There are many inaccuracies in the Order and news release. The quote by U. S. Department of Justice is misleading, inappropriate and should not be part of any public record.

It is a shame that the Commissioner did not contact us privately about our foundation before launching a legal action in the public arena. Much time, expense, and embarrassment could have been avoided.

We pray that everyone might find joy in loving and caring for one another.

Separated unto the Gospel,

Paul Revere, born again of the Kingdom of Heaven
Mutual Assurance
Attached: Website Statement of Purpose


Mutual Assurance

Statement of Purpose

Mutual Assurance is only available to Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven who have given their allegiance to Jesus Christ and have expatriated from the kingdoms of the world.

Mutual Assurance is a group of Christians who have made a commitment to rely on Jesus Christ and His promises, as given in Scripture, for their protection and assurance.

Instead of using an insurance system based on a common purse (warned against in scripture), they have chosen to be responsible for their own actions.

In being responsible for their own actions, they choose to be self-insured, instead of seeking protection of other men.

What they bind on Earth is bound in Heaven. They seek to set high standards, as representatives of the Kingdom of Heaven, and accountable to God for their actions.

(From MutualAssurance.org)