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Military Oath Challenged

Dear Embassy of Heaven,

A friend of mine gave me your web site concerning the act of congress that states that we are not a Christian nation (Treaty of Tripoli, Article 11). I thought that you might be interested in a most important case concerning the military oath and Christianity.

Taking the OathI am in the U.S. Military and I swore an oath over three years ago to enter into the military. Looking back now, I realize that I did not fully understand all the implications of that oath.

 In short, I petitioned the U.S. Army for clarification of the oath and asked if the oath was requiring us to "support, champion, shield and protect": abortion, atheism, pornography, Satanism, homosexuality, hate group rights, etc.

 The answer to my inquiry was "Yes, you are required to support and defend these things."

 Now I realize that when we swear our oath to God, we are swearing to Him that we will support and defend the very sins that I have mentioned.

Upon hearing the Army's response, I told them that there was no way that I would continue owning an oath that required such blasphemy.

 After making this statement, they declared me a conscientious objector because I would not agree to support and defend the very sins that I just mentioned.

If anyone wants to enter into the military, they must agree and swear an oath to "support, defend, champion, and protect": abortion, atheism, satanism, pornography and other sins condemned by the Lord our God.

The case is still ongoing and I am hoping that the public, especially the Church of God, will be able to see what they are really swearing to when they take the military oath and other government oaths as well.

Thank you.

<Name withheld by request>