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Heavenly HumorOne State-Christian-church member asked another, "Why don't you come to my church this Sunday?"

"I'm sorry," said her friend, "I can't go. I already belong to another abomination."


You know you are in the wrong church when:

  1. Social Security Number is required on offering envelopes.
  2. Flags of the world are on display in the sanctuary.
  3. Church restrooms post the State hand washing ordinances.
  4. City police issue parking tickets in the church parking lot.
  5. Couples are married under State marriage license.
  6. Pastor consults with Bar attorney on doctrinal questions.
  7. The church goes into debt to finance the buildings.
  8. Pastor divorces his wife to marry the secretary.
  9. Everyone in the church is marked by the State.
  10. Pastor gets guaranteed salary to preach living by faith.