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Are Churches Serving Money?

Radio Interview with RachelKHPE Christian Radio

Lifetime Ministries
Albany, Oregon
Talk Show Host: Rod Mills
6:30 p.m. July 7, 1994

While I was in jail, my wife, Rachel, was a guest on Lifetime Ministries talk show. During the first part of the 30-minute interview, they discussed the reasons for my jail fast and why we do not obtain Caesar's licenses. Then the topic turned to why we consider most churches harlots:

Transcript of Interview

Rod Rachel, a lot of us may not fully understand or even agree with what you and your husband are doing. But I think we do have to respect you because you have made a lot of sacrifice for what you believe in, I think a lot more than what I have made for what I believe in, so I appreciate this stand that you are taking.

Can you tell us a little about your Church, the Embassy of Heaven Church? How is it different from say, the Baptist Church on the corner?
Rachel We don't emphasize so much that we are a church, but that we are a government. And that may help you understand a little bit better. We get our authority to exist directly from Jesus Christ. He bestowed a Kingdom upon the apostles. It's recorded in Luke, Chapter 22, and we are executing His government on earth. His government is based on the Golden Rule, love God and love your neighbor as yourself.

Now the typical churches in America today will tell you they get their authority to exist from Jesus Christ. But in reality they get their authority from the State because they have gone to the State and become incorporated. We feel we must be separate from the State. We cannot incorporate with the State because we are called not to yoke ourselves with unbelievers.
Rod What about your doctrine? Who is Jesus Christ in the Embassy of Heaven?
Rachel He is the Son of God. He is the Center, the entire focus of our lives.
Rod But to you, is He God incarnate? God in the flesh?
Rachel Yes. You won't find a lot of strange doctrines here. We are trying to return to the basic teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He preached on the Kingdom of Heaven. He announced the Kingdom and urged people to repent, and that is the same thing we are doing. Our emphasis is on living in the Kingdom of Heaven now.
Rod So you believe that He is, of course, the Son of God, that He is God incarnate and that we are saved by His blood.
Rachel That's right
Rod It sounds like you folks are just brothers and sisters in the Lord with us.
Rachel I pray we are brothers and sisters. The problem we have with the State Christian Churches --
Rod You're talking about Assembly of God, or Baptist, or Methodist?
Rachel Right. I urge those who are members of those churches to find out why their church leaders have incorporated with the State because we are called to be separate, we are the "called-out ones."
Rod We do it to save a buck anywhere we can. I mean, that seems legitimate.
Rachel If you ask most churches the reason they incorporate, it is for liability, for insurance purposes. God is our insurance, He is going to protect us. There is no better insurance than the Rock of Jesus Christ.
Rod Would you tell us just a little bit more about your belief of the State churches.
Rachel It may seem rather insulting for those that are members of those churches.
Rod That's OK, because most of us just aren't sure, you know, what's going on with the State churches, a lot of goofy stuff is going on. So maybe you can . . .
Rachel We believe the state incorporated churches are harlots.
Rod I didn't know we were that goofy, but continue.
Rachel The church should be exclusively under the authority of the Kingdom of Heaven. As the State shows its position stronger and stronger, it becomes obvious they are against Christ everywhere you turn - in the schools and in the courts. I would not want to be a member of a church that was a State corporation. They are beholden to the State. In fact, you can't be a State corporation unless you agree to abide by all the laws of the State. I think the State Christian churches must come out from among them - come out of the beast system.
Rod But right now I don't really see where those restrictions are hurting us. But is that irrelevant? I think every pastor that is listening is going to just bail out of the State system once they stop them from preaching the Gospel.
Rachel You know what? The pastors are going to have a log in their eye because they are getting benefits from the State. That log will keep them from seeing what the State is doing. The State is encroaching right now with more and more little things.
Rod I don't see it in my church. All it has to do with is income tax deductions and that kind of stuff. I don't really see where they are stopping us from doing what Jesus has told us to do and in some aspects it might be helping us.
Rachel How do you think it's helping you?
Rod As far as making church income, I don't understand it because I've never incorporated the church, but a church doesn't have to pay income tax on the income that comes to it. Just the pastor does on his salary, but the church is free from that. What's wrong with that?
Rachel Are you serving God or money?
Rod The more money you have the more Bible tracts you can get out and the more radio time you can buy, at least that's the way I look at it.
Rachel If the means aren't correct, you're not going to get correct results.
Rod Rachel, we have to go. This was a fun interview. And thanks for calling, and say "Hi" to your husband for us, OK?
Rachel OK. And may His peace be upon you and your audience.